Sexy singer Beyonce Knowles credits veteran performers Tina Turner and Cher as the inspiration behind her onstage style.

The Crazy In Love beauty - who is currently dating rapper JAY-Z - is a big fan of the singing legends, famed for wowing audiences with their skimpy and outlandish stage costumes.

But, away from the spotlight, Beyonce ensures her fashion sense is a more personal endeavour.

She says, "I love the glamour of divas like Tina Turner and Cher - for work. But when I'm not working, I'm slowly developing my own look.

"I used to think everything had to match, like my shoes and my bags. Now I've realised everything doesn't have to be big and

co-coordinated. Right now, I like things simple and plain.

"If a look takes more than five minutes, then it's not my thing. I just like whatever's quick."

01/10/2003 17:13