Sexy singer Beyonce Knowles has rubbished reports her deeply-religious family disapprove of her romance with bad boy rapper Jay-Z, insisting they keep out of her love life.

The Crazy In Love beauty still refuses to confirm that she and the BONNY AND CLYDE 03 hunk are in love but promises that her mother TINA and father MATHEW trust her to make her own decisions about romance.

She says, "My mother doesn't interfere unless I ask her. Absolutely not. Even when I was 15 she let me make mistakes. My very first boyfriend she didn't like, which I didn't know until afterwards, because she didn't say anything.

"My mother is my friend and she is going to tell me the truth, but she is not going to try and force me. Number one, because I am a woman and she trusts my judgement.

"Whatever friends, boyfriends, I want to have around, they have to be good people because they raised me right. And that's what they have to do - trust me."

01/12/2003 02:13