Pop beauty Beyonce Knowles is still a normal girl - she panics about the way she looks just like everyone else.

The CRAZY IN LOVE singer admits she has appearance worries, but she tries not to dwell on them - even though she's constantly bombarded with images of ultimate bodies.

Beyonce, 21, says, "Everybody wants to be perfect, and nobody is, everyone thinks that there's something wrong with them.

"I try not to think about it - but I am still a woman and I'm still human and there are certain things about me that I think, God, I wish this wasn't like that, but I don't let it consume my thoughts.

"I am curvier than some women you see on television. There is nothing wrong with curves. And, there's nothing wrong with looking different from the person on the cover of fashion magazines, because that isn't real life."

07/07/2003 17:09