Beyonce Knowles has her sights set on being the next BARBRA STREISAND - she desperately wants massive hits both at the box office and in the charts.

The talented 22-year-old star who scooped five GRAMMIES last week (begs19FEB04), is keen to stretch her talents as far as they can go, just like her heroine, who is similarly noted for her 'diva' reputation.

Having already appeared in AUSTIN POWER'S GOLDMEMBER and THE FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS, Beyonce is now intent on focusing more on her acting.

She says, "I'm a singer, I'm a songwriter, I'm a producer and now I'm becoming an actress.

"I want to be here when I'm 40. I love Barbra Streisand so much and I love the fact she was able to be respected as a musician and as an actress."

18/02/2004 21:11