Beyonce Knowles had to get so mean and moody for her role in new movie DREAMGIRLS, she almost destroyed her relationships with her friends, family and boyfriend SHAWN 'JAY-Z' CARTER. The singer-turned-actress took a method approach to prepare for the part of starlet DEENA, her first character movie, after brief parts in Austin Powers in Goldmember and The Pink Panther. But she got so deeply involved with her character's emotions, she began punishing those closest to her. Beyonce says, "The material was very difficult in that I had to be moody and angry to make the role work. "I was creating drama in my life so that I had something to feed off. I was mad at everyone and they were thinking, 'What did I do?' "It was scary for people around me. They suddenly saw a change and were quite frightened at times. That was the only way I could really make it work and build myself up for the part."

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