DESTINY'S CHILD stunner Beyonce Knowles is honoured to be compared to soul singer DIANA ROSS - but not when it means she's labelled a diva.

The CRAZY IN LOVE singer, 22, is upset she's been lumbered with the undesirable tag - especially as she insists none of her actions emulate those of a difficult diva.

She rants, "I hate being called a diva. And I get that a lot. Why? I am not a diva, and I have never been one.

"I'm just a regular girl, and I still live on planet Earth. I'm not interested in surrounding myself with yes people, and I don't want anyone kissing my butt.

"I do look up to Diana Ross as far as her career goes, but I don't know much about her past, to be honest, so I cannot judge her as a person. But I don't feel that our personalities are anything alike."

She adds, "I'm a very simple girl with simple tastes. Maybe on special occasions I'll enjoy a glass of champagne, but that's about it. Hell, I don't even swear."

21/07/2003 21:28