The UN General Assembly Hall in New York hosted one of its more unusual events on Friday (August 10th) when Beyonce was on show to wow the audience at the diplomacy venue by performing her hit 'I Was Here'.
News anchor Anderson Cooper joked with the crowd after the event and asked "is this what happens at the U.N. every Friday night... Because, I've gotta tell you ... I wanna be here every Friday night if this goes on."
The 'Crazy in Love' singer was on hand to perform the new single in aid of World Humanitarian Day, the event which also Cooper host a series of interviews with local and international humanitarians before eventually introducing the performance from Beyoncé.
The singer took to the stage dressed in a skin tight sequined white gown, with screens spanning from the ceiling to the floor behind her. The screens showed images of different regions around the world that had been struck by disaster or famine, intertwined with the faces of humanitarian workers.
Cameras rolled throughout the performance, with the routine set to be the video for the new single, which will be released on August 19th, coinciding with World Humanitarian Day.