The superstar has taken issue with the name of the company, Feyonce, Inc., and the products defendants Andre Maurice, Leana Lopez and Lee Lee are selling under the moniker, which is a play on her own trademarked name.

Beyonce is demanding the firm's owners cease selling their goods, which reportedly feature phrases and lyrics from her hit song Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It). She alleges they are capitalising on the huge success of her 2008 release by infringing on her trademarks and copyrights, which she believes will cause "irreparable harm" to her business reputation, as she has no control over the quality of the products.

According to legal papers obtained by editors at, the star has accused the defendants of unfair competition as she sells her own merchandise on her website, which generates millions in sales each year, and, in the lawsuit, filed on Tuesday (05Apr16) in a New York court, Beyonce asks a judge to allow the case to go to a jury trial. She is seeking to be awarded all profits from the unofficial merchandise, in addition to damages.

The singer has previously threatened bosses at arts and craft website over the sale of other 'Feyonce' goods which reportedly also infringe upon her brand, prompting site officials to remove one seller's items from its online portal last year (15). However, the website still lists a variety of 'Feyonce' products from other sellers, including T-shirts, glasses and cards.