Beyonce Knowles was shocked news didn't leak out about her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover shot - because everything about her life is so public. The IRREPLACEABLE singer posed for the cover of the magazine in November (06) and was sworn to secrecy until the sexy shot was revealed yesterday (14FEB07). She explains, "It was hard because I was so excited! You grow up seeing those issues and they're so amazing, it's crazy that I was able to be on the cover. It's amazing for me. "They called and they said they were doing a music issue and they said they didn't know if I would be willing to wear the swimsuits. I said I would for Sports Illustrated because it's so classy. "My mother actually designed all of the swimsuits. We have a clothing line, House of Dereon, so that was a great launch for us." The star was amazed the media didn't figure out what she was doing adding, "I don't know, they didn't, it's great. "We were in Miami (Florida), it's not like we were somewhere very far away. They're iconic photographs, so I'm very happy."