Beyonce has been spotted out with her daughter Blue Ivy Carter for the first time in a while (photos published by People magazine yesterday, July 18, 2012). Whilst she kept her baby shielded from the view of the paparazzi, she also tried to distract them with a stunning new braided hair-do. Cunning tactic from the lady who's not keen to expose her daughter to the glare of flashbulbs just yet.

Beyonce was all smiles as she stepped out of the Manhattan office building, wearing a colourful short romper suit adorned with a striking graphic print and finished off with a slash of bright red lipstick, she was looking stunning. Most striking of all, though, was her newly braided hair, which was styled expertly atop her head in a bun. The 30 year-old was clutching baby Blue to her chest as she left the offices, as photographers tried to get a pic of mother and baby together.

Blue Ivy Carter may only be six months old but she is already living the life of a celebrity. The Croatian island of Hvar has already named the little one as an honorary citizen of the island. The honor was granted after her and Jay Z's vacation video featured a then-pregnant Beyonce pointing out an unusual plant, growing on a nearby tree. In the video, which was posted n her blog, she can be seen gesturing towards the vines and saying "We woke up this morning, took a nice little walk, passed by this beautiful blue tree, I think it's blue ivy, which would be quite appropriate!"