It looks as though Beyonce is already giving baby Blue Ivy a taste of the high life, after taking her six-month-old tot along on a shopping trip in Manhattan on Wednesday (July 18, 2012). Mother and daughter were snapped inside Bergdorf Goodman, with baby Blue sporting peach legging and a flowered top, reports the New York Daily News.

One lucky shopper posted a message on Twitter that read, "It's cool.Just shopping next to Beyonce at Bergdorf, baby on her hip. No entourage". Beyonce - debuting braided hair - cradled Blue Ivy in her arms, covering her face from the flashbulbs outside. The baby has grown quickly in the past few months, and is likely to be one of the tallest in the playground, considering her father Jay Z in 6-feet-2, and mom Beyonce is around 5-feet-6. According to the Huffington Post, the singer makes "daily" outings with her baby, though is always keen to keep her shielded from photographers.

The latest snaps from Bergdorf Goodman are the real look that fans have gotten of Blue Ivy since the couple posted their photos of her on Tumblr, following her arrival in New York. Another shopper said, "They didn't spend that long in the store browsing items. Everyone was dying to get a glimpse of the baby. They both looked very happy and [seemed to be] enjoying some 'mommy and me' time".