Pop beauty Beyonce Knowles is to marry rapper Jay-Z - to keep a promise to her mother.

The religious Destiny's Child diva was brought up strictly and promised her mother TINA she would not show affection to a man in public unless she was prepared to marry him.

The chart-topping pair very publicly displayed their love for each other during a recent holiday in the south of France and Knowles' family in Houston, Texas, America, are busy making plans for the impending nuptials.

A family source says, "Beyonce has been very strictly brought up in a very religious family.

"She didn't want to show any disrespect to her mother by being seen constantly draped over a succession of men.

"Both her parents encouraged her into showbusiness but they knew that a girl singer could get a bad reputation from being seen around with too many men.

"She made a vow early on in her career that she would only ever go public on a romance with someone she was totally serious about. She vowed that she would be a one-man woman.

"She has always been careful not to be seen in public with a man, but now that her family are assured that she and Jay-Z are in love for good, she doesn't need to be so careful."

31/08/2003 14:16