Beyonce Knowles is auctioning off her most famous outfits to raise cash for VH1's SAVE THE MUSIC charity.

Most of the designs were created by the singer's mother Tina Knowles and Beyonce admits it has been hard to part with the gowns she has worn on her most memorable nights.

She says, "It's actually very hard for me because I love these dresses. I'd like to bid on all of them."

The collection going under the hammer includes Beyonce's 2004 gold Grammys gown and the chainmail-style top she wore on the cover of solo album DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE, which used to be leggings for pop diva Cher.

The auction, which is ongoing at New York's Museum of Television and Radio, has already raised more than $65,000 (GBP36,100) since launching on Thursday night (23JUN05).

25/06/2005 01:45