Beyonce's make-up artists admits her Coachella beauty look had to ''hold up'' and withstand her energetic stage show.

The 36-year-old R&B superstar is known for her flawless complexion, and the man behind her signature glow is beauty guru Sir John, and he has admitted that he used new body make-up brand, Alleven Colour Shield to create her iconic look at the Californian music festival in 2018.

He told Harper's Bazaar UK: ''I was like 'I don't have the luxury of working with women who just jump in the air for an editorial shot, Bey's going to do a lot for Coachella - it's like cardio on stage. Can this [Alleven] hold up to that?' And it did.''

And the beauty expert has now teamed up with Alleven to extend the range and develop the right colours.

He added: ''I work with women from Harlem to Hong Kong. It speaks to where we are socially - social media will drag you to hell if you're not inclusive of richer complexions.''

Sir John also insisted that body make-up is crucial to ''perfecting'' your skin because it will ''conceal'' and help hide any imperfections, unlike a self-tan that will just add a glow to your complexion.

He said: ''Self-tanners will give you colour, but your bruise or vein or pigmentation will still show through. Body make-up will give you a perfecting element. It can conceal.

''If you use self-tan you generally need to do it everywhere, with body make-up you can just do the visible areas you'll have on show and then wash it off when you want. Also, with tanner if you get caught in the rain while it's developing, you'll get streaks. And you don't need to worry about rubbing this body make-up in, like you do with tan. Body make-up makes you look a bit more 'finished'.''