Beyonce's ''face lit up'' when she met Laverne Cox.

The 'Orange Is The New Black' star was honoured to come face to face with her idol and ''the queen'' at the Grammy Awards over the weekend.

Speaking on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she gushed: ''Stephen, I met the queen. I met the queen.

''She sees me and her face lights up, and the moment she sees me she's like 'Help me up, help me up'. Beyonce got up! Beyonce got up for me!''

The 32-year-old actress also shared her excitement in a series of posts on her Instagram account.

She wrote: ''This finally happened. I was so beside myself with joy, wonderment and awe of the majestic that is the queen I forgot to hold in my stomach and give you face. But I met #QueenBey y'all. #Grammys ...

''More receipts that this happened. Lord have mercy. #beyoncé @beyonce #QueenBey and me . She touched me. Lord! Thank you Beyonce for being so gracious and standing to greet me. Finally meeting you means the world to me. I continue to bow to the queen.

#Grammys #grammys2017 ...

''I was just thinking to myself last week that I would love to see Bey sing #Sandcastles live. I love this song so much. Prayers answered last night at the #Grammys #Beyonce ...

''Another photo of the epic moment. The Knowles Carter family is just everything. I MET THE QUEEN Y'ALL and her king, proud papa. Seeing him holding his daughter's hand walking her down the aisle at the #Grammys (sic)''

Meanwhile, Laverne previously confessed she is desperate to meet Beyonce.

She said: ''I have not met Beyonce. We had several moments where we made eye contact. She said, 'You run this mother,' right to me. I obviously was doing all the choreography in the audience.''