R+B star Beyonce Knowles never plans to sit down and compose a track with her rapper boyfriend JAY-Z, because their collaborations just happen naturally. Knowles and the hip-hop star, real name SHAWN CARTER, have recorded Crazy In Love, BONNIE + CLYDE and her latest track DEJA VU together. But Knowles insists the duets aren't planned and Jay-Z just added his rap to Deja Vu after she recorded it. She says, "This record I had completed and I let him listen just to get his opinion and his lips started mumbling and his mind started thinking and he just thought of the 16 bars of the rap. So I said, 'OK, lets go to the studio,' and he laid it down. "We never try to sit down and write a song together. It's never forced. I made it - finished it - and then he has an idea... or he has a record and I'll say can I sing on this record? "I would be really nervous writing for another artist."

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