Beyonce insists she and boyfriend JAY-Z have never discussed marriage because it helps protect the pair from tabloid attention. The star is constantly asked when she is tying the knot with her longtime boyfriend and appeared on US chat show THE VIEW Monday (11SEP06) to address the relentless rumours. She said, "It doesn't drive me crazy. I understand. I was a fan of other celebrities and I wanted to know (if they were getting married). I was interested. "It's a part of my job. We've never talked about it and it's kind of protected our relationship. "I think it's kind of kept us out of a lot of drama in the tabloids. Even though we're still in them, it's not as much as some celebrities." When asked if she's ever considered switching places with her beau, with her trying to rap and him trying to sing, she adds, "Oh, no, never! I'm like the worst rapper and he's not a great singer!"