R+B superstar Beyonce Knowles first realised she was famous when she saw herself on TV - and then quickly discovered how fame attracts hatred.

The curvy beauty has been in showbiz since she was a child, and still recalls the thrill of realising she'd 'made it'.

She says, "We were recording the first Destiny's Child album when we saw a video on TV for the first time. We were 15, and we'd been working on it since we were nine.

"We were the happiest girls in the world! It was like the corniest, but nicest, purest, sweetest moment I've ever experienced."

But, she continues, "There was no way of preparing for the things that people say about me. When I was 16 I had hate websites.

"That was hard, but I had to get a thicker skin and now I'm very logical and I realise why people do things."

15/12/2003 03:14