Pop beauty Beyonce Knowles has rubbished rumours that her sister is to join pop trio Destiny's Child.

The gorgeous 21-year-old singer - who has just had a worldwide solo smash with CRAZY IN LOVE - says the hit girl group will be heading back into the studio later this year (04).

And even though young Solange is keen to make her mark on the music scene, Beyonce insists she'll be doing it alone, rather than joining Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams in the INDEPENDENT WOMAN group.

Beyonce says, "It's a rumour. My sister's here with me though because I was homesick, and I miss her so much because I've been working so hard promoting my album. I haven't seen her.

"Destiny's Child are going back into the studio at the end of this year (03), probably to put an album out at the end of next year (04)."

And Beyonce insists the reunited group will be stronger than ever.

She adds, "It's beautiful because we were able to grow individually and learn about ourselves and kind of just experiment, and all of us have had successful records. Kelly has done extraordinary. Michelle had a number one album, and she's now doing plays all around America, which is incredible for her.

"So I'm really happy for them and really happy that we can get back in the studio and do an even better album."

20/07/2003 14:00