Beyonce Knowles said she has sacrificed her entire life in becoming successful.

The 'Single Ladies' singer said that the pressures of celebrity have taken everything away from her that would allow her to enjoy a normal lifestyle.

She said: "I just sacrificed life. Being able to walk down the street and being able to make mistakes and not have it recorded for ever.

"Being able to have regular relationships and dates. Just regular, normal things that people probably don't even think about. Sometimes it's hard."

Beyonce, 28, also said that during her career - which has so far spanned 14 years recording with Destiny's Child and as a solo artist - she has hardly ever had any chance to take a break.

She added: "I haven't had longer than a couple of months off ever in my life, since I was 15.

"But I was raised that anything that's worth anything takes a lot of sacrifice. And when anything is too easy for me I get scared."

The 'Halo' hitmaker also said, however, she's promised to take some time out of her recording and touring schedule to keep for herself next year.

She added: "After a couple of dates in February and a couple of award shows, I promised myself that that it's time to smell the roses.

"I'm going to take - hopefully - a couple of months off. I'm not going to plan anything. I'll perhaps take some art classes, I'll visit some museums and I'll check out some shows on Broadway. I'd like to travel somewhere - maybe Egypt - without anyone, without any security, and focus on things I've always wanted to do myself."