Beyonce Knowles' mother stopped her from developing a huge ego by smacking her.

The 'Run The World (Girls)' hitmaker first tasted fame with girl group Destiny's Child at the age of 15 and although Beyonce found herself getting carried away with her new exciting career, her mum Tina quickly made her realise she would not be allowed to act like a diva.

In an interview on CNN show 'Piers Morgan Tonight', Beyonce said: "I remember when we first had our single on the radio, and I was starting to feel like I was hot. And I was in the record store and she was talking to me and I started singing, because I didn't want to hear whatever she was saying. And I was about 15.

"And the song was playing on the radio and I am like, yes, and these guys were looking like, 'Oh, that's Beyonce.' And I thought I was hot.

"And she smacked the crap out of me in that store. When I tell you whack, whack and sent me to the car. And was like, 'I don't care what song you have on the radio, you are my child. You do not disrespect me', and I will never forget it. It was a great lesson.

"She is always correcting me and, you know, I feel like it doesn't matter if you are the janitor or the president, everyone is the same, making sure that I keep my humility and my spirit. You know, she is always honest with me."

Beyonce married rapper Jay-Z in 2008 after six years of dating and although they had an instant connection, she admits their relationship isn't always perfect.

She said: "I definitely had a very natural Friendship and connection with him. And I mean, we've been together for a very long time and are very happy."

"I've had my life experiences, definitely. I mean, I haven't had this perfect, flawless life. And any relationship, you go through issues and you have to learn each other and you grow and you have painful moments."