Beyonce Knowles wants to make mens' pulses race with her new perfume.

The pregnant popstar recently released her latest fragrance, Pulse - the follow up to Beyonce Heat and Heat Rush - and as the inspiration came from her sexy Alter Ego, Sasha Fierce, Beyonce is hoping all women who wear the scent will be empowered.

She said: "I don't know if it's the pulse that races before and transforms me, but I believe we all have that inside of us and I wanted to bring out something in every woman that makes them feel confident and makes them feel like they have all of the men's pulses racing as they walk by."

Along with creating the perfume, Beyonce also helped design the bottle and says it was inspired by her mother.

She explained to People: "I remember being a little girl and seeing my mother's dresser, because she had all these beautiful antique bottles, so I'm always thinking about what a woman would want to display. I feel like [with Pulse], every woman will have their own little sculpture and piece of art."