CRAZY IN LOVE singer Beyonce Knowles is appearing as a nightclub-turned-gospel singer in new movie The Fighting Temptations.

Beyonce, who made her Hollywood debut with last year's (02) Austin Powers IN GOLDMEMBER, will be recording a track for the film's soundtrack, as will her sister Solange.

The Destiny's Child honey will star alongside Cuba Gooding JR as LILLY, a "down-to earth country girl".

Beyonce explains of her soundtrack offering, "I didn't want to do anything glamorous. I wanted people to see me in a different light.

"It talks about everyday situations women go through. It's about being attracted to this guy but having to fight the temptation. The change from the hip-hop part with ladies rapping to the chorus is incredible. It's very loose, old school."

06/08/2003 17:14