Singing sensation Beyonce Knowles is infuriating organisers of Britain's MUSIC OF BLACK ORIGIN (MOBO) awards with her constantly-changing list of demands.

The Crazy In Love hitmaker has stated that she will not attend the ceremony unless the organisers agree to meet all of her requests - and insiders believe she is furious at their choice of host, Blu Cantrell, who she fears will steal the limelight.

Beyonce has been nominated for four awards, so organisers are very keen to make sure she attends - even though she has insisted they pay for her entire entourage to be flown over, something which will take the ceremony way over budget.

A MOBO source tells British tabloid THE DAILY STAR, "It's pretty clear that Beyonce doesn't want to come. She's got a list of demands too ridiculous for words. But the real reason she won't come is because of her problem with Blu."

Blu and Beyonce are old enemies - because the former porn star once dated the DESTINY'S CHILD stunner's beau Jay-Z, and Beyonce has just recorded a duet with Blu's former lover Sean Paul.

However, Blu wonders, "I don't get what's up with Beyonce. I admire her but she's got a problem with me. She's such a bigger fish than me - I guess she's just insecure."

The MOBO spy adds, "They'll be competing to out-do each other with sexy outfits and naughty behaviour. Plus they've both admitted to finding women attractive, so the electricity's going to be tangible."

14/09/2003 14:06