Beyonce Knowles has postponed a concert in Malaysia after the country's Muslim population complained her show is "immoral".

The 'Sweet Dreams' singer reportedly decided to delay taking her 'I Am... Sasha Fierce' tour - originally due to arrive in capital Kuala Lumpur on October 25 - to the conservative country after the Malaysian Islamic Party lodged a complaint about her "Western sexy performance".

Show organiser Marctensia confirmed the concert had been postponed indefinitely, but denied Beyonce had given in to religious pressures.

A statement read: "The postponement was solely the decision of the artist and has nothing to do with other external reasons."

Malaysian law requires female artists to cover up from shoulder to knee, with no cleavage on display.

It's not the first time Beyonce - who is famous for her sexy stage outfits and raunchy dance moves - has been targeted by clerics in the Asian country.

She cancelled a Malaysian concert in 2007 after the same political party threatened to protest outside the show venue.