R&B superstar Beyonce Knowles knew exactly who to turn to for the remix of her new single EGO - narcissistic rapper Kanye West.
The Stronger hitmaker is well known for having a huge ego and he was recently mocked for his overly confident nature on satirical cartoon series South Park.
Beyonce is good friends with West through her rap mogul husband Jay-Z, and she reveals he was the first person that came to mind when she wanted to revamp her new song - even though the rap superstar is attempting to mend his cocky ways.
She feared upsetting him when she approached West with the idea of remixing her track, but admits she was pleasantly surprised by his response.
The Crazy In Love singer tells MTV.com, "When you think about ego... I told Kanye this... 'You're the perfect person, Kanye.'
"I remember calling him and I was like, 'Uh, I want you to be on my remix.' And he was like, 'Oh, cool, what's the song about?' He was like, 'You have a song called Ego, and you want me to do it?' He was like, 'I love it, I'll do it!'"
But Beyonce insists West was the perfect candidate for the job: "It's all in good fun. And (West's) voice sounds so wonderful on it. He definitely has the confidence and he backs it up. And that's what this song is about."