R&B superstar BEYONCE has a special digital archive in her New York office for cataloguing her past concerts and interviews.

The Crazy In Love hitmaker keeps photographs, gig footage and video diary entries she records on her laptop in the database in her Manhattan office.

GQ correspondent Amy Wallace describes the extensive collection in her Beyonce cover story for the latest issue of the U.S. magazine.

Wallace writes, "Anytime she (Beyonce) wants to remind herself of all that work - or almost anything else that's ever happened in her life - all she has to do is walk down the hall. There... is another long, narrow room that contains the official Beyonce archive, a temperature-controlled digital-storage facility that contains virtually every existing photograph of her, starting with the very first frames taken of Destiny's Child, the '90s girl group she once fronted; every interview she's ever done; every video of every show she's ever performed; every diary entry she's ever recorded while looking into the unblinking eye of her laptop."

According to Wallace, the library also contains "thousands of hours of private footage" taken of Beyonce behind closed doors since 2005, including a clip of her serenading her husband Jay Z with Coldplay's hit Yellow over a private dinner.

Beyonce herself refers to the room as her "crazy archive", adding, "You know, I can always say, 'I want that interview I did for Gq,' and we can find it."