R+B superstar Beyonce Knowles has hit out at reports she fired her manager father MATHEW KNOWLES. The Crazy In Love star has revealed she recorded new album B'DAY in secret from Mathew - because she knew he would interfere in her creative process. But she insists he is still looking after interests. Beyonce says, "My dad was never fired. But it took him a while to realise I was getting older. It was when I turned 19, and started saying 'no' to things. It took him a second to adjust but if we hadn't gone through that phase, then something would be wrong. "Because I'm so passionate and he's so passionate... people think that he tells me and I do it but I'm a grown woman and he respects that. He has his own opinions and when we disagree we disagree and we go at it. "But we always agree eventually. It just took time to figure out how to get the balance between father and daughter, manager and artist."