Pop superstar Beyonce Knowles gave up her summer vacation to star in the new PINK PANTHER movie.

The singer admits she was planning to take a month off after a busy year of recording and touring, but the chance to work alongside Steve Martin in the remake was too much to turn down.

She says, "I only had a month and Destiny's Child is going back in the studio, so I had to decide, 'Am I going to do a movie or am I going to go on vacation?'"

"I thought I was going to go on vacation until they told me the offer was from The Pink Panther. I was, `The Pink Panther! That's amazing. Steve Martin! that's even more amazing.'"

Beyonce will not only star in the film, as sexy pop diva XANIA, but she'll sing the movie's theme.

10/06/2004 21:46