Beyonce doesn't cook.

The 33-year-old singer - who's married to hip-hop star Jay Z, with whom she has three-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter - has revealed that although she's a huge food enthusiast, she rarely spends time in the kitchen preparing meals.

She told the New York Times newspaper: ''I don't really cook, but I'm a really good taste tester.''

The 'Drunk In Love' hitmaker advocates a plant-based diet, which she credits with improving her overall wellbeing.

She explained: ''At first it's the little things I noticed: I had more energy. A noticeable glow to my skin without having to deprive myself of carbs. I even slept better.

''The benefits of a plant-based diet need to be known.

''We should spend more time loving ourselves, which means taking better care of ourselves with good nutrition and making healthier food choices.''

Meanwhile, Sam Smith revealed recently that he turned to Beyonce as he bid to shed some weight.

The 'Lay Me Down' singer admitted he asked Beyonce for tips on how to eat more healthily before shedding three stone over the last few months.

He said: ''I did have a conversation with Beyonce about food, which was great.''