Beyonce struggles to fight back the tears when she tunes in to watch TV talent shows like American Idol - because it reminds the R&B superstar of the struggle she faced early on in her career.
The Irreplaceable hitmaker joined her first group, Girl's Tyme, when she was just nine years old and the six-piece had their first shot at fame when they appeared on 1990s reality show Star Search.
The group, fronted by Beyonce, failed to win over judges on the show but the band's loss spawned the formation of Destiny's Child.
And Texas native Beyonce is constantly reminded of her childhood battle for the spotlight whenever she watches TV talent competitions - confessing she often wells up when she sees an act worthy of recognition.
She says, "I don't watch much television but I've watched those shows and I've cried, I've welled up, I'm like, 'Oh my God, I hope they win, I hope they get a chance!'
"And me being from Houston, Texas, there weren't many outlets for me and for the girls (in Destiny's Child)."