Pop star Beyonce Knowles recorded her hit song IRREPLACEABLE to empower women who want to end their bad relationships. The star was inspired after playing the role of DEENA JONES in DREAMGIRLS and immediately went into the recording studio after filming ended to capture the feelings she had. She explains, "Because I had been playing this character who was so caged, I had to do something with all that energy I'd been holding inside. "So I probably made my most emotional, aggressive record ever. I was able to be things I'm not." She calls Irreplaceable her "secret weapon" adding, "It's a celebration of a breakup and makes women feel like they're worth more. "I'd never had so many women say that they'd put on the record (to help them) not pick up the phone and take him back. I'm walking down hallways and see fans yelling 'To the left, to the left.'"