Beyonce Knowles has given up on her dream of taking a well-earned break because she's "no good at doing nothing". The R+B star-turned-actress had planned to take a long vacation in 2006 and 2007 after disbanding all-girl trio Destiny's Child last year (05), but now she accepts she'll only be able to truly walk away from music and movies when she becomes a mum. Beyonce, who has been working since she was nine, says, "I'm unable to sit still. I'm easily bored. Maybe after I've gotten married and had kids, I'll have something else to occupy my time. "Right now, I'm no good at doing nothing... I certainly didn't feel this way two years ago. Two years ago I'd just about had enough." Instead of taking two years off, as planned, Knowles found time to relax on boating vacations with longtime boyfriend SHAWN 'JAY-Z' CARTER. She adds, "Secretly, I live for vacations... I love being on boats. I love the waves, the feel and the smell of the ocean. "It's like being in your own world, like being truly free."