Beyonce Knowles has lashed out at an ex-boyfriend in a song on her new album DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE - claiming she always knew he was wrong for her.

The soul sensation admits many of the songs she writes are culled from personal struggles.

She explains that Destiny's Child hit Survivor was written as she went through a tough time and she penned BOOTYLICIOUS as she struggled to keep her weight down.

But it's the track ME MYSELF + I that remains one of her most personal tunes.

She says, "It talks about a girl who is in a relationship and she kinda always knew in the back of her mind that this guy was wrong.

"It's a celebration of a break-up because she knows that her instincts will never disappoint her.

"That was about a time in my life when I was with a guy that was wrong."

09/07/2003 20:55