Pop beauties Beyonce Knowles and Kylie Minogue disappointed their male fans at last night's (07NOV03) MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS - by refusing to show off their famous bottoms.

While BOOTYLICIOUS singer Beyonce strictly forbade camera crews from concentrating her behind, Kylie covered up her celebrated bum by wearing a classy DOLCE + GABBANA gown to the glitzy event in Edinburgh, Scotland.

An insider says, "Beyonce knew the moment she stepped on stage her bum would become the centre of attention.

"Her music is very important to her and she get frustrated when she is considered more of a sex symbol than an artist.

"Her management had a word with the production crew and they agreed to move the cameras so they weren't focused solely on her bum.

"It was also decided to shoot more of her overall performance rather than just one asset."

07/11/2003 13:55