Beyonce Knowles finds it easy keeping her romance with rapper Jay-Z secret, because she kept her private life under wraps even when she was at school.

The Destiny's Child frontwoman has been in a relationship with Jay-Z, real name SHAWN CARTER, for three years, but has opted never to talk about it with the press.

She says, "Even in school I was private. It kept my name out of people's mouths. Not because I was ashamed of anything or because I wasn't passionate about whatever it was, like who I was dating, but because it seemed more pure when I treated it like it was sacred.

"I don't mind being vulnerable, but people scrutinise celebrities and make up stories. Then when everyone in the world is talking about you, it makes things really hard - not normal.

"That doesn't work for me because I'm a regular woman."

15/02/2005 09:07