Beyonce was accompanied by her personal chef when she went into hospital to have her twins.

The 'Formation' singer and husband Jay-Z welcomed a girl and boy into the world earlier this month and the couple ensured their delivery suite in Los Angeles' UCLA hospital was a real home away from home after paying $100,000 a night to rent out an entire level and did everything they could to make their surroundings comfortable.

A source told heat magazine: ''To keep Beyonce as secure as possible, they rented out one floor of the maternity ward. They cleared everyone out and brought in their own staff.

''Even the receptionist were hand-picked by Bey and Jay.

''It's very unusual for anyone to call the shots like that at a hospital but they wanted the best for the twins and they've got enough money to make anything happen.

''The rooms they got didn't look anything like a typical hospital. The floor they took over has the building's VIP maternity suites.

''There are flatscreen TVs, mini fridges, and high-end sofas and armchairs. Jay even had a bunch of massage chairs brought in so visitors could sit with Beyonce in total comfort.

''They had their personal chef making food for everyone. Normally the VIP suites come with a special menu but they brought their guy with him and installed him in the hospital kitchen.''

Since the arrival of the twins, the couple - who also have five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy together - have been inundated with lavish gifts.

The source said: ''Once the twins arrived, the well-wishes and gifts started flooding in.

''There were vases of flowers and balloons all over the place. There were so many bouquets the place smelled like a florist, and they received so many huge packages and gifts, they started running out of places to put them. Michelle and Barack Obama sent a gift basket.''