Beyoncé sang 'Happy Birthday' to a fan on stage.

The 'Pretty Hurts' hitmaker halted her concert at the LG Arena in Birmingham, England on Monday night (24.02.14) to serenade Shehnaz Kahn for her 22nd birthday.

The Grammy-Award winner was performing her 'Mrs Carter Show' world tour when she noticed the student's birthday badge in the front row and said: ''You got the sign and everything, what's your name? How do you spell it?''

The 32-year-old star then proceeded to sing directly to Shehnaz and afterwards told her she hoped she had pronounced her name correctly, before kissing her bewildered fan on her hand.

Shehnaz, who posted a video of the event on her Instagram profile, later told the Birmingham Mail newspaper: ''I was wearing a birthday badge which she noticed early on in the show, she kind of nodded in acknowledgement.

''I can't believe she stopped the show for me. I was leaning over the barrier holding her hand and not realising the camera was recording, everyone around me was going crazy.''

She wrote on Twitter: ''Beyonce SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME my life has been made in every sense, literally what is life?''