Beyoncé likes dancing to 'All About That Bass'.

The song's hitmaker, Meghan Trainor, has revealed that the 'Drunk In Love' hitmaker is a big-fan of the chart-topping track.

She said: ''She told me she likes dancing to my song!

''I love her so much and she's perfect in real life.''

The 20-year-old singer also revealed how Beyoncé, 33, made contact with her to arrange for them to meet.

She gushed: ''She messaged me and sent me a very nice message saying she thought I was cute and sweet and that she wants to meet me.''

Despite getting the chance to meet her idol, Meghan revealed that she wished she was more like the 'Single Ladies' hitmaker.

She joked to The Hollywood Reporter: ''I'm tired when dancing at the same time. I'm not Beyoncé.''

Meanwhile, Meghan recently revealed that she'd like a pop star boyfriend because men are ''intimidated'' by her career.

She said: ''Guys are scared of me, it's ridiculous.

''I guess it's because I'm a pop star now and they are intimidated. I'm finding it so hard to date.

''Then even if I find a guy I'm like, 'OK bye, see you in six months as I'm off on tour'. I am so down to date another pop star. We could be as adorable as Ariana Grande and Big Sean.''

However, Meghan revealed that all the guys she likes are off limits.

She added: ''All of the guy pop stars are either my friends or are already dating.

''It's not like a rock star lifestyle any more - everyone has a lover. I want someone funny and nice. I don't care about age or looks.''