Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez play villains who are defeated by soccer ace David Beckham in a new Pepsi advert - but they both received superbikes as compensation.

The pop sirens star as bad biker babes who take on the England soccer captain, who appears dressed in traditional Japanese kendo costume complete with wooden sword.

But it's Beckham's good alter-ego that beats Knowles and Lopez in a physical martial arts fight.

An insider confides, "David plays a good guy who fights bad biker babes Beyonce and J.Lo. It's a good versus evil theme. They're dressed in black leather catsuits and they look hot.

"They fight David in a traditional dojo, like the one in the first MATRIX film. Needless to say, David fights them off and comes out as the victor.

"Motorbikes also feature in the advert and the Japanese people from Pepsi insisted that David should have one to keep at the end of the shoot. Then they decided to give one to Beyonce and J.Lo too, to avoid causing offence."

Beckham already owns a HARLEY-DAVIDSON, but he is forbidden from riding motorcycles by his soccer club - his legs are insured for $108 million (GBP60 million) and the insurers won't pay out if he is injured riding a bike.

11/11/2004 13:45