Starring as a witch in Bewitched was a magical experience for food-loving NICOLE KIDMAN - because director Nora Ephron insisted on cooking for everyone.

The OSCAR-winning actress had heard the former food critic liked to throw dinner parties for her cast and crew, but had no idea she was such a good cook.

She says, "When you make one of her films they say she has the best catering in the business.

"To bring it to a broader level, Nora is incredibly witty and powerful as a woman, yet she's also extremely nurturing. She invites you over on a Sunday night and does all the cooking with 30 people over.

"She loves to direct the film during the week and then entertain on the weekends. I think that's something that people don't realise about her - that there's such softness to her."

12/06/2005 21:20