Composer-producer HAROLD FALTERMEYER's synth-pop Beverly Hills Cop anthem AXEL F is set for yet another revamp - moviemaker Brett Ratner plans to bring the catchy tune back when he makes the fourth film in the franchise.
The instrumental has already been a massive hit twice - for Faltermeyer and Crazy Frog - and Ratner hopes to give the Grammy-winning tune another spin when he makes BHC IV with Eddie Murphy next year (09).
The director says, "Why change that song? It'll be back but it'll be a whole new interpretation."
And Ratner tells that fellow moviemaker Michael Mann made a big mistake by not using the iconic Miami Vice theme for his 2006 Colin Farrell-starring remake of the classic TV show.
"I said to him (Mann), 'Why didn't you have it?' He said, 'We're doing something new.' That's like doing Mission: Impossible without the theme song."