British musicians have started a campaign to force miming artists to be 'outed' on TV, claiming it is unfair to audiences when pop stars fake singing live.

The Musicians' Union (MU) want broadcasters to flash a logo on screen, telling viewers if the performance includes pre-recorded or mimed singing.

MU assistant general secretary HORACE TRUBRIDGE says, "Just as when you buy a can of beans and it tells you what's in the beans, we think if you are going to buy a ticket for a show or watch a band on the TV, you should know exactly what it is you are buying and what you are watching."

A poll by ICM of 1,000 people found 71 per cent thought broadcasters should specify whether an artist was live or not.

R+B singer Beverly Knight adds, "What I can't bear more than anything are those who are more than capable of delivering a show live with musicians and the whole thing and who don't.

"Why? Because they want to save their voices. It is easy to do, they get their cheque at the end of the day."

However, ex-STEPS star Faye Tozer insists miming is sometimes required, saying, "Our main reason was because you would be up at five o'clock doing kids' TV, straight away into the studio.

"There's no time for rehearsal, no time for engineers or getting your crew in, and then you would be on to your next children's TV at 7am. For a band like ours that were very much a TV-selling band, it was great for us and we could get our product out there."