Bette Midler is bracing herself for a 60th birthday surprise because she knows her husband is arranging something grand.

The WIND BENEATH MY WINGS singer is convinced her husband MARTIN is planning a big bash to help the diva celebrate her landmark birthday later this week (01DEC05).

She says, "I have no idea what's going on... and every time I say, 'Well, did you invite so-and-so, he says, 'What party?'

"But I see them on the phone all the time... I see them in the office, my beautiful assistant, JILL, and I see my husband plotting and I see him at the computer all the time and I know there's something going on.

"I know there's a party; I just don't know where it is, who's coming, what time it is."

Midler secretly hopes her instincts are wrong - because she hates hosting parties.

She explains, "I would be so relieved (if I was wrong). Parties are hard for me because I always feel like I have to entertain."