Bette Midler denies tragic rock star Janis Joplin was the inspiration for her character in the 1979 movie THE ROSE.
Midler starred as lead character Rose, a self-destructive rock star who struggled to come to terms with the pressure of being famous.
But the star denies a long-time industry rumour the movie was based on the life of late star Joplin.
She says, "She might have been someone else's inspiration but she was not mine. I knew her life and knew the lives of a lot of women who were in that position. There are so many women on the road trying to have those careers and a lot of them wind up in pretty much the same boat.
"You see people who simply cannot cope with the pressures of that lifestyle. Not just the women, the men too."
Joplin died of a drug overdose in Los Angeles at the age of 27.