Betsey Johnson won't show at New York Fashion Week next month.

The 70-year-old designer is taking time off to focus on expanding her brand, incorporating ventures such as a dress launch, a fragrance and her reality show 'The Betsey and Lulu Show' alongside her daughter Lulu Johnson.

The company announced in a statement: ''The world of Betsey Johnson continues to thrive.

''After a very successful SS13, Betsey will be taking the FW13 season off to focus on her brand expansion, which includes a breadth of new initiatives such as a dress launch, a new fragrance and a reality show.

''Do not worry. Betsey may not be strutting her stuff down the runway in the tents this season, but she will be cartwheeling through Lincoln Center at an event for her new reality series, 'The Betsey and Lulu Show.' ''

As well as her own ventures, Betsey - who filed for bankruptcy last year - has been assisting her daughter with her new Lulu and Allison line.

Lulu - who is working on the range with her friend Allison McClellen - said recently: ''It's definitely going to have a Betsey aesthetic, but we did tone things down and make them more modern.

''It's a line for women who still want to be hip, sexy and cool.''

Betsey told her daughter: ''It's going to work for you because it's what you want to wear.

''My archives, my knowledge, everything - I hope at the end of the day, I give it all to you and hope that you're happy.''