Betsey Johnson's family steal her clothes.

The 75-year-old fashion designer is known for her flamboyant sense of style and though she is trying to save as many of her old pieces as possible, she admits her vault isn't as full as she'd like because her daughter and granddaughter are always borrowing things and never give them back.

She told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: ''I'm saving as much as I can. My daughter and granddaughter are in all my stuff. I never get my stuff back when they borrow them. I will be dead before that happens.''

Betsey picked up the Style Icon Award at the 21st annual ACE Awards on Monday (07.08.17) and is relieved to no longer be considered a ''joke''.

She said: ''Me . . . A Style Icon award?! What is so amazing is that after 55 years [in the fashion industry] I am not the joke anymore.''

Betsey turned 75 on Thursday (10.08.17) and admitted earlier this week she was ''frightened'' about celebrating the milestone birthday.

She said: ''I'm not celebrating birthdays too much anymore. I'll celebrate something else ... 70 was okay, 71 ... but 75 is frightening.''

And the US designer admitted she doesn't feel like a fashion icon because these days she is a ''comfortable slob''.

She told the New York Daily News newspaper: ''I'm living in Malibu now, so it's usually the same T-shirt.

''I am such a comfortable slob. I never dress fashion. I never wear anything but flip flops, a big T-shirt -- usually Bowie or rock 'n' roll and my lipstick.

''I don't even wear all that make-up s**t anymore. Just fake eyelashes.''