Betsey Johnson's daughter is launching her own fashion line.

Lulu Johnson admits the Lulu and Allison line - which she is working on with her best friend Allison McClellen - is heavily inspired by her mother's work, but with a ''more modern'' feel.

Lulu told website Racked: ''It's definitely going to have a Betsey aesthetic, but we did tone things down and make them more modern.

''It's a line for women who still want to be hip, sexy and cool.''

Betsey - who will star with Lulu in a reality TV show about their lives in fashion which is due to broadcast in the US next year - thinks the line will be a huge success and has pledged to be on hand to help as much as she can.

She told her daughter: ''It's going to work for you because it's what you want to wear.

''My archives, my knowledge, everything - I hope at the end of the day, I give it all to you and hope that you're happy.''