The Grammy-winning group officially split in 2005, but in 2013, frontman Beto Cuevas teamed up with drummer Mauricio Claveria and guitarist Pedro Frugone to stage a comeback and began working on a follow up to 2003's Libertad. In 2015, they released compilation album Retour and set out on the road for tour dates in North and South America.

Their latest album, Adaptacion, was released earlier this year (16), but they have since decided to part ways.

"After many conversations and months of touring, today we close the last chapter of a book called La Ley," Cuevas wrote in a post on Facebook. "Many of you will question our reason, but I can only tell you that life gives many turns and just like one day we were reunited, today, we are separated. From my end, I only have love, respect and gratitude for all of those that have accompanied us on this journey. For now and like always, I will continue to write, sing and create for you guys. See you soon."

The news comes after the group cancelled its performance at Chicago's Ruido Fest last month (Jul16) due to travel and logistics conflicts.