Bethenny Frankel was the latest celebrity to suffer a wardrobe malfunction, after flashing her underwear to Anderson Cooper's live studio audience during an interview that aired on Monday (March 19, 2012).
In a clip posted on The Inquisitor, the 41-year-old star of Bethenny Ever After inadvertently flashes her bright pink underwear to Cooper's audience after accepting a push-up challenge from the host. Bethenny appeared to get a little excited by the challenge and leapt onto the studio floor to commence the push-ups, only to find her dress had almost flew over her head. The former Real Housewives star let out a scream as the audience gasped. The wardrobe malfunction occurred during the taping of the show but was blurred out in the actual broadcast. A quick-witted Frankel took the incident in good spirits, joking with the audience, "How'd it look? Pink? You saw the pink? Alright". Cooper meanwhile didn't miss the opportunity to poke fun at the star, saying, "That whole side of the room is like 'yes' and this side of the room is "what did we miss?'.